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The visual and material tales of designer Anouk van de Sande are a feast for the senses. A true future thinker, van de Sande compiles expressive stories of colour, print, shape and texture.

The Dutch designer Anouk van de Sande has a background and expertise in graphic, interior and fashion design with a focus on trend forecasting, colour, print and material development. As a creative storyteller van de Sande precisely direct the different elements of her work, taking charge of both the research, design and production process of her textiles and wearables as well as the art direction and execution of her captivating photography and film projects.

In addition to her self-initiated work Anouk shows her strength in collaborations with other creatives and brands within the fields of fashion and interior. Most notably is her longterm collaboration with designer Vera de Pont. As Studio AnoukxVera they focus on trend forecasting and visual storytelling for everything that is worn around the body as well as the immediate living environment. Their work is characterised by a playful handwriting that bridges the gap between graphic and product design. The output of their research gives shape to their thoughts and concepts about sustainability and modularity in the world of fashion and interior. 

Other collaborators include restaurant Codium, Vlisco, EE Labels, New Order of Fashion, Naresh Ramdjas, Core Studio, Boni-Facio, Proof of the Sum and Kobe. 

Anouk van de Sande graduated in 2015 from the Man and Identity Department at the Design Academy Eindhoven (NL)



All projects on this website are created by, or in collaboration with Anouk van de Sande

Picture by Pieter van der Laan

Picture by Pieter van der Laan