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Alkmaar City Office

June ‘18

For the redecoration of Alkmaars city office I had the honor to collaborate with architectural firm Proof of the Sum. How to translate Alkmaars identity back to the building in a surprising way? 90’s small boxy offices were removed and transparency made its appearance. Meeting rooms became glass sliding doors which gives you an enormous viewpoint in this 130 meters long building. By opening and closing these glass doors, images will move and appear. I visualized the history of Alkmaar in a fun and abstract way to surprise the users in their daily routines. When having a meeting in the polder or the oldest, still playable organ of the Netherlands. 


Symbols for public signing, just a little different.

A disabled toilet? Let’s make it less negative and make it a unisex toilet to name it MV, Man/Vrouw.
The ladies we call ‘V’ of ‘Vrouw’. And the gents ‘M’ of ‘Man’.


Writable walls with dividing lines of typical alkmaar buildings.
On these images you can see the silhouette of the ‘Accijnstoren’, ‘Huis met de schopjes’ and the ‘Waaggebouw’.


Wallpaper design

March ‘19 - Aldermen’s wing Alkmaar Town Hall

The monumental town hall on the Langestraat in Alkmaar houses the administrative functions, wedding room and fraction rooms. The first building parts date from the early 16th century and are built in Gothic style. Various buildings were added in the following centuries. The building was radically restored in the early 20th century by architect Jan Stuyt.

Proof of the sum has been commissioned to renovate the aldermen’s wing on the first floor at the Schoutenstraat. With this renovation a clear working environment has been created for all aldermen. In addition, the two style rooms on this floor are designed as a meeting room for mayor and aldermen (B&W-room), and an adjoining informal consultation and relaxation room ("Burgemeesterenkamer").

Particular attention has been paid to the walls in the design. A new wallpaper has been designed in the mayor's room by Anouk van de Sande. At first sight traditional but with deeper layers on closer inspection. “The print design is a reflection from the woodcuts in this monumental space and executed in the chosen color scheme. Optical mixing bright blue with greyish green for some crazy layered effects!”

Silkscreen printed by studio Zeebra Zeefdruk

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Top 4 pictures by Marcel van der Burg