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Teeny Tiny by Peggy Kuipers




As puppeteers of the next century, Anouk and Vera believe in growing ingredients solely when they are needed. Dancing fingerstamps, boiling blue color baths and wobbly ingredients are representations of a colourful world that doesn't necessarily bears a relationship to a current reality, but aims to shake it up by diving into a chaos of possibilities and surreal sceneries. They stretch your fit with a fingertip, change the materiality of a product by simply cooking it and smart inks fuse with the textile in a preprogrammed pattern.

These futuristic sportswear lovers prove that on-demand production can be colourful and fun, silly but serious, and that radical changes can start with a teeny tiny first step.




Travel through distorted time frames in graphic landscapes.
When we move, we blend or stand out. As small bodies in space, we hide and seek, merge or emerge.

The suits are AnoukxVera's first full body garments, which are executed in two versions; the color block suits and the gradient suits.
Both play with silhouette and contrast; whereas the colorblock suits have been designed to partly camouflage the wearer in a multicolor landscape, the gradient suits redefine the wearers silhouette. The suits fits like a second skin, which enables the print's deforming and alienating effect.

The suits were originally designed for the Food Experience during Dutch Design Week 2017 (Eindhoven, The Netherlands).
This was a  collaborative event with the Creative Food Studio, for which AnoukxVera also functioned as creative directors and concept developers.
The suits, worn by the restaurant workers, transformed accordingly with each food course, representing it's graphic language and colorpalet.



AnoukxVera has teamed up with Hutspot to create a limited edition sportswear outfit. 

In a world where disciplines overlap and where work and free time
have almost become one, it is sometimes difficult to find your path. 

The AXV x Hutspot design guides you with poetic and humorous symbols the way through the always moving landscape.


Photography by Peggy Kuiper represented by Cake Film and Photography
Hair and make-up by Joyce Clerkx represented by Angelique Hoorn Management
Model: Joelle Pforr


Design support and realization

Jairo Lopes Riestra just graduated from the Willem de Koning academy in Rotterdam
with soccer T-shirts that break stigma's as homosexuality.

With this years World cup in Russia. A lot of people came together to share and see the beautifull moments soccer
can bring to the people. Despite that I watch soccer for entertainment and as a supportert, I gaved myself a chance to look at
it as a creative. 

As we speak about the unifying influence that soccer brings, the culture around soccer is not the most accesible culture yet. 
Soccer is one of the sports were one big taboo is still active and seen as non compatible. Homosexuality seems not acceptable. 
As we look at the statistics about overall gay people in the population, there should be statistically 1 homosexual player in every team. 
Quite suprising, because if you look at the amount of active soccer players that are openly gay, it’s almost equal to none. 
One of the big reasons why the closets remain closed is because of the stigma surrounding soccer.

Feeled© is a serie of soccer jerseys that is based on the cause of prejudgement and gerenalisation from the macho culture. 
It’s created from a neutral point of view, without making any necessary statements about this actual topic. 
The purpose of the jerseys is to open up a conversation between  the two sided mentality’s. 
The jerseys show a different kind of perspective of the topic and shows how the topic can be approached differently.


Concept and Art Direction: BONI-FACIO (Jairo Lopez Riestra)
Branding: BONI-FACIO (Jairo Lopez Riestra)
Shirt realization: Anouk van de Sande
photographer: Willemskantine
Styling: BONI-FACIO (Jairo Lopez Riestra)
Make-up: Sophia Bella Rosa
Models: Known Model Management

Feeled 01

The people around soccer, have different kind of mindsets. If we let them imagine their striker could be a homosexual, the most of the people will refuse to accept it, while there is a chance that this can be true. A homosexual in their eyes can be seen as weak and too soft for the culture. Some go that far by calling being gay a mental illness. They get labeled and the only thing they can do is sit back, listen and hiding their true feelings.

The same people that have this mindset think the problem starts in the cloakroom. Theirselves are making a sexual reference while it’s not relevant at all, the soccer player nowadays is getting more and more open and it’s proofed that most of the professional soccer players have no problems with having a homosexual team mate.

References: Warning signs, free time clothing as striped shirts and sponsorships


Feeled 02

The culture of soccer has created an specific kind of role model figure for every player. From having money; big houses and a nice car to having a beautiful woman. As you see on ceremony’s of prices such as the fifa best player of the world. People expect that they bring their wife to share such a special moment with her. But what if she is just not that special to him as the man he has at home, probably on the couch watching the ceremony on tv.

Because of certain kind of expectations, things like this happen. Players got seen with women just to hide their man. Can you imagine living your life like that?

Hide your woman / man is an expression that people use when they are confindent about their own looks. Meaning that they can conquer your wife or man.

References: Expression: Hide your man, ceremony suits and the feminine silhouette.

Feeled 03

Soccer is turning into a business, the income of soccer players is growing every year. That means clubs are gaining economic growth and the transfer market is getting more and more expensive. Paying 80 millions for a player is not big news anymore.

Some players feel pressured by the big amounts clubs pay while others worry about losing their value. One of the biggest struggles hidden homosexual players deal with, is being scared of losing market value and being seen as nothing. In places such as Saudi Arabia or Asia, one of the places they pay the most, it’s no option to buy an openly homosexual soccer player. Is it really such a big thing to worry about? The most valued things don’t have any price tag and can be seen as priceless when we speak about staying true to who you are.

References: Cheap bags as seen on local markets, price stickers and athletic stripes