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For Agnes Momirski - April ‘19

Designed and taylor made for the ritual performance ‘Lybra Full Moon’ at Motel Mozaique Rotterdam.

librafullmoon_Tekengebied 1.png



For band AAD - January ‘19

A story about losing loved ones.
Recorded in frontman Adriaan’s parental home ‘The Dirthouse’.
Where the music reflects the black hole of lost.


fashion advisory

for music video Carousel, band PEER - October ‘18
In collaboration with the Hoekman Brothers

AnoukxVera x Kobe

Modebelofte/New Order of Fashion
Dutch Design Week ‘18

The Modebelofte/New Order of Fashion Fellowship initiative creates unique opportunities for the industry to involve bright young fashion design talents in their innovation projects. 
Year after year Modebelofte/ New Order of Fashion scouts the most original and unabashed graduates from the world’s finest Art & Design universities to give them a platform. Our database is full of these ‘diamonds in the rough’, with their fresh and visionary ideas and mind-blowing creativity, ready to be tapped. 

For this Fellowship with KOBE, Modebelofte/New Order of Fashion selected superduo AnoukxVera.

More about this fellowship HERE

Exhibition pictures by Barbara Medo
Concept pictures by AnoukxVera

Shape shifters

Dutch Design Week ‘18

The magical concept of shapeshifting must be deeply ingrained into our psyche, as it is a popular theme in myths and fairy tales, in shamanism and witchcraft, in religious texts and science fiction, in the arts and culminating in our modern ‘makeability’ cultus.

What is this fleshy vessel, this body, that has to somehow fit in with the prescriptions of fashion? What does fashion do with our shape and with our concept of self? Which part of our identity is expressed through fashion?

Modebelofte 2018 shows the forefront of young fashion designers who strive towards more autonomy, imagination, and experimentation in how we express the complexities of our advanced self-identity. They answer to an essential need of humans to transform. They are Shape Shifters!

Read more about this amazing exhibition on

Pictures by Barbara Medo

Shape shifters suits

Dutch Design Week ‘18

During Dutch Design Week, from 19-28 October in Eindhoven, New Order of Fashion proudly presented it’s latest exhibition: Shape Shifters! 

Especially for this exhibition, Anouk and Vera also created the Shape Shifter suits, worn by the exhibition tour guides. The suits were designed in cohesion with the inflatable exhibition pavilion, showcasing sharp black lines contrasting the softer and translucent white fabric from the exhibition space.

Pictures by Barbara Medo


Design support and realization
Summer ‘18

Jairo Lopes Riestra just graduated from the Willem de Koning academy in Rotterdam
with soccer T-shirts that break stigma's as homosexuality.
Read more about this project on I-D Vice.

Concept en Art Direction: BONI-FACIO (Jairo Lopez Riestra)
Branding: BONI-FACIO (Jairo Lopez Riestra)
Shirt realisation: Anouk van de Sande
Photographer: Willemskantine
Styling: BONI-FACIO (Jairo Lopez Riestra)
Make-up: Sophia Bella Rosa
Models: Known Model Management

Boer Broer

Short documentary
July ‘18

I grew up on a farm and I think it’s wonderful to see how my brother is taking over with his own strong vision. The transformation for the love of nature.
I made this documentary especially for the Boeren Drive-in cinema in the harbor of Bommenede Zonnemaire, together with drone pilot Jaap Verseput.
Sorry the documentary is in dutch.



March '18 - AHOY Rotterdam


The fashion industry is – after the energy sector – the most polluting industry and is responsible for 10% of the CO2 emissions. Aside from that, the production of clothing for one household costs a thousand bathtubs of water, and the working conditions in low wage countries are abominable. Preservation, good working conditions, recycling, reuse, and upcycling are therefore trends in the fashion industry.

Aside from that, the material innovation of work clothes and sport items is growing through application of smart materials, adding functions such as anti-transparency, medication, anti-radiation, odourless, self-cleaning, fireproof, or shape memory. E-textiles are getting better, because the development is taking place within the fibres. 3D printing is taking off in making accessories, shoes, and even complete outfits. Coatings and prints are not only aesthetic, but also functional, adding waterproofness, fireproofness, or even the ability to generate energy, changing colour or texture, the use of communication, or adapting insulation.

Several large exhibition pieces – often never shown to the public before – will be exhibited during the trade fair, showing the visitor a glimpse of the future.

Dutch Design Daily Live #12


Dutch Design Daily Anoukxvera.jpg




October '17 - Eindhoven

Creative Food Studio x AnoukxVera

During Dutch Design Week 2017, Creative Food Studio and AnoukxVera welcomed spectators to a collaborative exhibition at the VDMA building where they challenged your perception of traditional dining and whereáll your senses were stimulated in a unique way.

In this Memory Shopfashion designers, chefs, graphic designers, interior designers and ceramicists joined forces to bring your experience of dining to a higher level where curiosity, enthusiasm and marvel carried the upper hand. This experience could even be taken home, because all exclusive designed items in this Memory Shop werefor sale during the exhibition and are now available online.

Next to the exhibition, an exclusive gastronomical 8 course food experience took place during the Dutch Design Week where quests were explorers that experienced how the boundaries between food and design faded and the two components merged to form a visual spectacle. 

Naresh (Creative Food Studio): “People love to eat in restaurants, myself included. But how do you experience this when everything you eat, see and feel unites and shapes the entirety?  The focus is not only on the food, but every detail stimulates your senses; from the ceramics and the furniture to the clothes of the staff.” Anouk and Vera continued: “Wewant everything to come alive. Every detail of this experience has been designed to do just that, to experience every dish from your head to your toes. We changed the décor, fashion, ceramics, light, food and visuals to express the storyline of each course.” 

Fluid Fire, Green Screen Square and Pastel Pastry Club; the culinary language on the plate was shaped by the unique alphabet of 15 local designers, most of them recent Design Academy graduates. Their motto: “Teamwork makes the dreamteam”. 

Pictures by Anouk van de Sande

Amman Design Week

Customized moire outfit for Abeer Seikaly, Co-director of the Amman Design Week
October '17



October '16 - You Are Here Store Eindhoven

Popcore is a programme of awe-inspiring events - founded by a diverse group of young talents - that aims to create a more elaborate view on the young designers notion. With a background in design, this assembly of creative minds uses the medium to create a contemporary work attitude that radiates more fluidity, playfulness and freedom.

Popcore ultimately aims to represent the voice of our generation and gains its quality by accompanying the works of participating designers by an array of events related to food, talks and clubbing to create a 360° experience.

AnoukxVera - The Teeny Tiny Collection

Taking a stand against overproduction of clothing items, the AnoukxVera factory presents a teeny tiny world where an on-demand production line starts where ingredients blend as if preparing a fluffy bread. 
Under the watchful eye of the puppeteers, the creators, the cooks of this collection, a piece of clothing is fabricated only when there is a need for it.
The collection is accompanied by a colorful surrealistic movie where we see dancing fingerstamps, boiling blue color baths and wobbly ingredients are representations of a colourful world that doesn't necessarily bears a relationship to a current reality, but aims to shake it up by diving into a chaos of possibilities and surreal sceneries. They stretch the fit with a fingertip, change the materiality of a product by simply cooking it and smart inks fuse with the textile in a preprogrammed pattern.
These futuristic sportswear lovers prove that on-demand production can be colourful and fun, silly but serious, and that radical changes in the fashion industry can start with a teeny tiny first step.

Pictures by Anouk van de Sande

frame expo

April '16 - Milan

Frame magazine curates What's the Matter?, an experiential exhibition at Milan Design Week. We're teaming up-and-coming designers with prominent brands to explore and expose their interpretations of a phygital future. With the scenography skills of Studio Laviani, Frame will transform La Posteria in Milan's Brera district into an immersive exhibition that stimulates – and sometimes even tricks – the senses.

Pictures by Anouk van de Sande and Alberto Ferrero

TED x Defensie

March '16 - Koninklijke Schouwburg Den Haag


Januari '16, RAI Amsterdam


Take a turn on our fashion carrousel!
Installation design in collaboration with Grietje Schepers and Harm Rensink.

Pictures by Britt Roelse


October '15 - PSV Stadion Eindhoven


During the Dutch Design Week, Studio Harm Rensink, HeyNiek and You Are Here presented the 2015 edition of the Modebelofte: ’Performing Advancers’.

Modebelofte, meaning 'fashion promise' in Dutch, is an international platform for fashion talents.  With their annual shows the Modebelofte aims to challenge the fashion industry by presenting a selection of innovative talents and graduates from international BA and MA courses.

This year the theme was related to the world of sports, to our relentless quest for self-improvement, to performance enhancing innovation, and to pressing the limits of what is humanly possible and imaginable. Linking to this theme, the venue of the Modebelofte 2015 was the Philips football stadium of the famous soccer club PSV Eindhoven.

Initiated and organised by You Are Here
Curated and designed by Studio Harm Rensink in collaboration with HeyNiek
Visuals by Bastiaan de Nennie

Pictures by Anouk van de Sande and Barbara Medo

music video

All is Dull - De Staat
November '14

Video by Anouk vd Sande - who has won the Vinticious Versions Video Contest with his video:
"Inspired by the Vinticious Version of All is Dull I created an atmospheric video to visualize the feel of the song.