AnoukxVera – Teeny Tiny Factory from Anouk x Vera on Vimeo.


Taking a playful stand against overproduction of clothing items,
Anoukxvera presents us with a world of colourful on-demand sportswear production.
Under the watchful eye of these two designers,
a piece of clothing is fabricated only when there is a need for it.

The world of AXV incorporates strong graphical prints,
imaginary scenes and visual stories.
Production of their iconic leggings is kept close by with all
pieces fabricated entirely in their homecountry The Netherlands.

The collection Teeny Tiny is accompanied by a colourful surrealistic movie
where we see dancing finger stamps,
boiling blue color baths and wobbly ingredients are representations of a colourful world
that doesn’t necessarily bears a relationship to a current reality but aims to shake it up
by diving into a chaos of possibilities and surreal sceneries.
They stretch the fit with a fingertip,
change the materiality of a product by simply cooking it and
smart inks fuse with the textile in a preprogrammed pattern.

These futuristic sportswear lovers prove that
on-demand production can be colourful and fun, silly but serious,
and that radical changes in the fashion industry can start with a teeny tiny first step.

22 – 30 October ’16, POPCORE, Dutch design week

Photography Peggy Kuiper | represented by Cake Film/Photography
Stylist/design Vera de Pont & Anouk van de Sande
Haar/make-up artiest Marije Koelewijn | represented by Angelique Hoorn
model Katie Putzes
Film director Matthias Hoekman